Proofs of Passage

Printy 46119

Article 8 : At the start, each rider will receive a brevet card and a cue sheet indicating the route and the location of the checkpoints. Riders must stay on the route. If a rider leaves the route, they must return to the route at the same point prior to continuing, ie. no shortcuts or detours from the route, unless specified by the organizer. Riders must stop at each checkpoint to have their card stamped. Organizers may also include unannounced checkpoints along the route. This assures that everyone will stay on the prescribed route.

And so I got a stamp!  It is a Trodat Printy 46119 with my name, RUSA number, and the date.  I had hoped to have it in time for the Volcanic Arc 1000K, but it just arrived today. Looking forward to using it at a staffed control some time soon.

I also inherited a 100KM permanent route (#2337 Running of the Bulls) which I rode for the first time this Sunday. Sending my card and proofs of passage to The Permanista.

2 thoughts on “Proofs of Passage

  1. Just curious: how did you happen to inherit a the pop?

    My friend Bob took over a 200k after the previous owner decided not to continue with randonneuring. Another ride partner transferred ownership of a 113 (117 ?) km pop to another rando because the original owner wasn’t riding the route, but the new owner does. So, I am familiar with route ownership changing hands, but just curious in your case.

    (Um, you might have to email your response as I might forget to check back here, and I previously learned my lesson about clicking on “notify me of new comments.”

    1. Good question, Martin.

      My friend and coworker James created this perm pop that stated in his neighborhood and ended near work. It was reversible and so made for a great ride after work. I asked to ride it and he still needed to make some changes…

      Five months later, I’d been asking him frequently to no success. He must have been more interested in designing the route than administering it, so he offered to transfer it to me.

      (I will also email you this response.)

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