About Rando Theo

Hi, I’m Rando Theo (aka Theo Roffe), a randonneuring cyclist in the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States of America. I ride primarily with the Seattle International Randonneurs. This blog is where I post photos and stories from my rides.

Theo Roffe
Riding the Gold Rush 1200K in California. Photo by Deb Ford

I first started randonneuring in 2010 and seem to ride more and more each year. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve met many wonderful people. Randonneuring is a great way to spend a long time outside since the rides start at 100K and increase quickly in distance.  A brevet “series” is a 200K, 300K, 400K, and 600K. Completing a series in one year will qualify you to start a 1000K or one of the 1200K+ Grandes Randonnées.

The Grandes Randonnées are where you will meet riders from outside of your home turf because randonneurs travel all over the world to ride 1200Ks and see new places. I’ve done three so far: Gold Rush Randonnée (CA), Last Chance (CO), and Cascade (WA). In 2015, I plan to ride Paris-Brest-Paris, the original 1200K, held every four years.

You can also find my permanent routes here.

And my Randonneurs USA results/history here: RUSA 5988

Crater lake 1000k
Riding the Crater Lake 1000K. Photo by James G. Walsh


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