Paris Brest Paris 2015

Tomorrow I depart for France to ride Paris-Brest-Paris. My frame number will be E034: rider 34 in the 80hr limit, starting wave E, at 17h00. You can follow me via the official rider tracking:

As much as I’m excited about PBP, I’m even more excited about returning to France. And, unlike my last two trips, this time for more than just a few days. Before the ride, I don’t plan to do much: eat, sleep, try to get into the timezone, and enjoy being in France. After the ride, I hope to visit some iconic randonneuring locations like Aux Trois Obus and the shop of Cycles Alex Singer . For the last days of my trip, I’ll take the TGV to the south and ride some more.
The trip is only two weeks, so I’ll soon be back in my new home city: Seattle. I’ve been here a few months now, working at Compass Bicycles, and I love it. This city is a truly beautiful place, with vistas at the top of each of the many hills: the Cascade mountains to the east, the Olympics to the west, Mt Rainier to the southeast, and water all around (Lake Washington, Lake Union, and the Puget Sound).