Happy Birthday, Corey Thompson

Four Randonneurs with Thompson Custom Bicycles in Oregon on a sunny permanent route of 200K

This weekend, Corey Thompson, the skilled bicycle builder from Olympia, WA, came down to Oregon for a birthday 200K permanent. Fellow Seattle Randonneurs Andy S and Vinny M came with him and brought their custom Thompson randonneurs. Portland, OR local Alan W joined us with his Thompson as well. We were fortunate to have sunny skies and fairly warm temperatures for most of the day (cold morning and evening) and enjoyed a wonderful dinner (and birthday cake) at Susan O’s house (thanks, Susan!).

These bikes have seen a lot of miles in their day: Alan and Corey rode PBP 2011 on these bikes, Andy and Corey rode their Thompsons 1000KM from Seattle to Glacier (Whitefish, Montana) in 2013, and Vinny rode two 1200KM Grande RandonnĂ©es on his Thompson in 2013 (Alaska’s Big Wild Ride and Colorado’s Last Chance).

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