Rides to Remember

After a year with many wonderful rides — from adventures with friends, to a summer spent as an instructor for the Community Cycling Center’s Bike Camp, to a full season of randonneuring — four rides stand out. These were personally challenging events which took me into beautiful and remote places where I rode both alone, at times, and with the incomparable and supportive company of friends and fellow randonneurs.

Flèche NW 2013

Flèche NW

Morale Paceline

Gold Rush 1200

Dawn at Crater Lake

Crater Lake 1000

Searching for Oz

Last Chance 1200

Post inspired by Jan Heine. See his Rides to Remember here.

2 thoughts on “Rides to Remember

    1. Likewise, Corey! One of my most vivid memories from the ride is something I didn’t take a photo of: the gang of Elk which bounded across our path in the middle of the night on an otherwise quiet road, heavy hooves pounding the pavement, and then their crashing sounds as they broke through branch and bracken up the hillside and into the distance.

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