December 2013

December wrapped up my biggest year of randonneuring yet: 7112 KM total with RUSA, two 1200K Grand Randonnées, a flèche, a 1000K, an SR series… On the trinket front, I now get to drink from a nice stainless mug (the RUSA Cup). But more importantly, each KM represents time spent exploring lovely roads, meeting wonderful people, and riding with friends. Here are some photos from the end of 2013 to get excited for more in 2014:

XMas Ride With James

James and I followed Old Pumpkin Ridge Rd out into the boondocks on Christmas and found some nice dirt and gravel roads. We didn’t find the connection we were looking for, but there’s always next time.

Edison, WA

Love this mural in Edison, Washington.

Info Control on New Snohomish River Run

I spent a three day weekend with Vinny, riding some permanents: 100K, 200K, and 100K. Here, on day two, we’re leaving an info control on the outbound leg of the New Snohomish River Run 200K permanent.

Corey Thompson, waiting

Corey was feeling pretty peppy and ended up out ahead of the group. Here he is, waiting patiently before a turn. Check out his lovely bikes here.

Fambles, Suffering and Smiling

Millison Fambles on a climb. As Vinny would say, he’s Suffering and Smiling.

Vinny’s Nine

Andrea and Vinny

Vinny, buddy of mine and of randos near and far, gives us a lovely glimpse into his year of nine 1200K grandes randonnées. He once told me that his favorite ride is “the next one,” but you know he loves them all. It will take you much less time to read this than to ride one, so click through and start dreaming…

Vinny Rides Into the Sunset

I had the honor and pleaseure of joining Vinny on one of his nine: the Last Chance 1200K in Colorado and Kansas. Click the second photo (or here) to see some other images from that trip.

Rides to Remember

After a year with many wonderful rides — from adventures with friends, to a summer spent as an instructor for the Community Cycling Center’s Bike Camp, to a full season of randonneuring — four rides stand out. These were personally challenging events which took me into beautiful and remote places where I rode both alone, at times, and with the incomparable and supportive company of friends and fellow randonneurs.

Flèche NW 2013

Flèche NW

Morale Paceline

Gold Rush 1200

Dawn at Crater Lake

Crater Lake 1000

Searching for Oz

Last Chance 1200

Post inspired by Jan Heine. See his Rides to Remember here.